Plans & Projects for Summer 2015

Since the beginning of this long winter I’ve been planning and collecting parts to make the build more efficient and track ready for summer 2015. Below are some of the parts I’ve collected in the past 5 months which will be installed hopefully in the next month or so depending on weather conditions.. The main […]

Then and Now…

Redarrow Project 2002 Mazda Protege LX – 136,000 KMS Thought I’d recap all the mods i’ve done to my car so far. Still alot more to come this spring/ summer . Still alive and strong in 2015! Engine ATX-MTX conversion w/ MSP LSD HiBoost Turbo Kit IHI WRX VF23 Ball bearing turbo WRX 440cc Blue […]

Restoration continues…

Cleaned up the rust near the welds in the engine bay.. I sanded everything down to bare metal, layered 2 base coats of Por-15 and primed over it. Once the primer settles i’ll colour match it then clear coat. Por15 coats Primer applied P5 lights on the way to their original glory. I used 600, […]

Rust repair & P5 headlight conversion

I started doing some minor rust repair on the protege and the p5 black headlight conversion I’ll be grinding and cleaning all the rust then layering the whole front chassis, behind the front fenders, rockers and rear quarters with Por15 Should be more than ready to handle many winters in the future… Rust Spots Por […]

Finishing up the Turbo build…

Been a long week but the installation is finally complete. Luckily she turned over after connecting power supply to the haltech ecu. I had to mess around with the intercooler piping to get my front bumper to fit with my fogs but its sitting to spec. Just need to tune it and she’ll be just […]

Shifter bushings and linkage

I purchased CorkSport’s shifter, bronze oil and polyurethane bushings for my 2002 Mazda Protege since my shifter was refusing to go into 1st gear. Started by removing the solid rubber bushing on the shifter linkage on the transmission side. Which requires a 14mm deep socket to remove the nut and push out the metal insert […]