Custom DIY Oil Cooler

Now for the fun part of my project.. my custom oil cooler set up. The parts I used for this set up are..

  • 5M Black Nylon SS braided hose
  • -10AN straight fittings
  • -10AN 90 degree bend fittings
  • Koul tool
  • AN fitting wrench
  • 20 Row black cooler
  • Engine block adapter
  • Filter relocation adapter with 2 1/8″ NPT ports
  • SpeedHut’s Oil temp/Pressure gauges
  • Misc homemade brackets
  • NACA Duct

First thing you will need to understand before you attempt this project is the direction and flow of the oil within your engine. This will allow you to visualize how exactly your engine will use oil to properly lubricate its internals and how you can efficiently optimize the factory design.

First jack up the car, drain all the old oil, remove the oil filter and install the engine block adapter in its place.

Now start designing how you want all the components to fit in your engine bay. Then measure how much hose you will need to securely plum the entire system piece by piece.
Make sure you use tape when cutting braided lines to minimize flaring. Once the hose is cut to size, insert the female end of the AN fitting in the koul tool and clamp it on to a bench vise.

Start pushing the SS line into the Koul tool till it backs up on the fitting. Be sure to twist and thread in while pushing in the SS hose.

Below shows both female fitting ends installed on the line.

In order to install the male end.. refit the fitting with the line on the Koul tool, clamp it on to the bench vise and thread in the male fitting end. Once you get the initial thread started; remove the koul tool, reclamp the fitting on the vise and go ahead and use the AN fitting wrench to thread the male end all the way till it bottoms out.

Make sure you use alot of lube to make this process really smooth. I used motor oil.

Follow the same procedure for all of your hose assembly during this install.

The filter relocation adapter with temp gauge sensor and AN fittings installed

I made a video to better explain how i installed the oil cooler system. I hope it helps you guys.

Major thank you to Jay for helping/guiding me through this whole set up!

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