Mazda Protege rear AWR Mount + 626 Intake Manifold

Hey guys, I just wanted to post a quick update on the progress of my build so far. I’ve collected a quite a collection of parts and made a pretty massive to-do list to get the car ready for summer. I’ve been wrenching almost everyday for the past two weeks and parts delivery/obstacles along the way have kept me from completing the project. In all I’ve made some great progress so far…

First was installing new BKR7E spark plugs and Magnecor plug wires.. Then I started removing my intake manifold to swap out the rear motor mount. Removal of the IM was pretty straight forward but make sure you keep track of all the bolts and label them in baggies for reference. This will make the installation process much faster. Organization is key!

Once I had the intake manifold removed it was time to tackle the most difficult job I’ve come across while working on this platform for the past 3 years. Get yourself a can of liquid wrench, 18″ 1/2″ drive extensions bits, swivel head, impact gun, 24″ breaker bar with a 24″ pipe extension and this job will be only somewhat difficult. After a good 1/2 a day of going at it I was finally able to remove the rear mount and replace it with the 70 duro AWR solid mount. When reinstalling make sure to apply anti-seize on the studs and torque the nuts down to 60ft-lbs as specified on

I bought a 2002 standard emissions (no valves) mazda 626 intake manifold, felpro gaskets, thermal TB and IM spacers for my project. Once you have everything off its a perfect time to do some summer cleaning of the TB and EGR carbon deposits. I used combustion chamber cleaners supplied by J (Hacker) himself.

If you do decide to go the route of installing the 626 IM without a proper EGR tube you will need to source an alternate solution. What I found out from my research is that a 1/2″ basspro flexible gas line available in US home depot will work perfectly with the IM and exhaust header.

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