Projector retrofits and rebuilding fuel sending unit

This section will cover the rebuilding of my fuel sending unit and HI bi-xenon mirimoto mini projector retrofit projects.

I purchased a fail project set of retrofits from a US forum member last week and attempted to correct his mistake with the guidance/HUGE help from (Action Jackson).

First we took apart the old projectors headlights by removing all the screws and baking it for 10 minutes in a 350 degree preheated oven. The high heat melts the factor adhesive allowing a very smooth disassembly of the headlights.

Once disassembled I decided to paint my gatling gun mini shrouds and stock reflectors matte black using BBQ paint. Also deleted the amber corner while the headlight was in parts.

Then we installed the reflectors, projector, screwed on the shroud and rebaked the headlights to make a final seal.

In all I was very happy with the results and a very cheap upgrade from buying a failed project

Now the rebuilding of my fuel sending unit. I did install a new fuel pump however when I was doing the install I wasnt aware that out sending unit has an internal fuel filter within the plastic housing. So with my car being 13 years I decided to rebuild the whole unit using new parts for a cleaner delivery of fuel.

Once you remove the factory sending unit from under the rear seats its just a matter of disassembling and installing in reverse order. It was a very easy and hopefully a reliable mod going forward.

Always compare the new vs old parts to see if they match identically before attempting any rebuild project.

Completed sending unit. The kit will come with new wiring, rubber grommet, fuel filter, strainer, and screws.

Once finished reinstall the sending unit and call it a day Stay tuned for more build updates.

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