Then and Now…

Redarrow Project
2002 Mazda Protege LX – 136,000 KMS

Thought I’d recap all the mods i’ve done to my car so far. Still alot more to come this spring/ summer . Still alive and strong in 2015!


ATX-MTX conversion w/ MSP LSD
HiBoost Turbo Kit
IHI WRX VF23 Ball bearing turbo
WRX 440cc Blue Injectors
Mishimoto Slim Fans
3″ Turbo-back Exhaust
HiFlow Cat
3″ Vibrant Axleback Muffler
Blitz SBC ID Spec S Boost Controller
Haltech F10 EMS


Tokico HP Blue shocks + Eibach Pro kit
Racingbeat Rear Swaybar
Moog Ford Escape Front Links
4 Bolt Drum – 5 Bolt Disc Conversion
04 Mazda6 Front Brake Upgrade
17″ MSP Racinghart Gunmetal Grey Wheels
Corksport Bronze oil, 3rd Linkage, and Ploy Bushings


Stock MSP Body Kit upgrade
35% Tint all around (ON, Canada Legal)
MSP lip + Amber overlay fogs addition
Protege5 Black Headlight Conversion


DIY Custom Beige/Black Theme
Black painted Door Pannels & Dash
Power window & mirror upgrade
SpeedHut Oil Pressure, Boost Gauges
Relocated EMS to glove box
Blitz Boost controller screen mount
Interior green lighting theme

2 thoughts on “Then and Now…

  1. I’ve come across your blog & build a number of times, and I have to give you credit! What a transformation! Way to see this project through, I’ve just started my own atx to mtx conversion on my mp5 so I’ve only tasted a sample of the amount work you have in yours!

    Would you be willing to share some knowledge regarding your trans conversion? I have the atx out and the mtx in, and now onto the wiring.. what was your solution for the differences in harnesses, sensors, and gauge cluster?

    • Hi Chris,

      Sorry about the late response. Regarding the wiring all you need is the full engine harness from the bay to ecu/fuel sending unit and the starter harness.. With these two harnesses and the correct ecu for your car the swap will be plug and play.

      You don’t need to do anything with the gauge cluster. Let me know how the swap is coming along.


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