Plans & Projects for Summer 2015

Since the beginning of this long winter I’ve been planning and collecting parts to make the build more efficient and track ready for summer 2015. Below are some of the parts I’ve collected in the past 5 months which will be installed hopefully in the next month or so depending on weather conditions.. The main focus for the Redarrow project in 2015 will be optimizing the (oil/Water) cooling systems and weight reduction. I believe by optimizing the engine’s cooling system along side the oil cooling system will drastically increase my engine’s efficiency. Hopefully this theory will hold in practical applications.

The oil cooler will be mounted right in front of the battery  in place of the red box in the picture below. I know its counterproductive to install a cooler near the hottest part of the engine bay but I’m planning on cutting my carbon hood and installing a NACA duct to direct air flow straight to my oil cooler. This should keep my oil temps at an optimal level during daily driving & lapping.


Example pic


Collection of parts to install…


Parts list:

  • OBX Rad hoses
  • Signature product’s oil pump
  • Intake manifold & Throttle body thermal spacers
  • 3″ Vibrant exhaust gaskets
  • Greddy turbo timer
  • AWR rear motor mount
  • AWR trans mount insert
  • Walbro GSS342 fuel pump
  • Aerocatch hood pins
  • NRG cf hood struts
  • CR3 motorsports ADP
  • Cusco Vacanza coilovers (Imported from Japan)
  • Raceline adjustable rear endlinks
  • 4pc Hardrace lateral link set
  • Window visors
  • Corksport SS clutch line
  • Custom DIY oil cooler, filter relocation, peterson prv with -10AN SS nylon lines
  • Hydra motorsports fuel rail
  • Aeromotive external fpr
  • Mishimoto radiator + fan shroud
  • FSZE intake FSH9 camshaft
  • FSZE valve cover
  • ENKEI RPF1 wheels 14.5lbs/wheel
  • Momo jet black leather steering wheel

I’m planning to get an WB miata hub and NRG quick release to complete the set up.

its going to be pretty hectic next couple of months getting everything installed and ready for my first track season.

I already went ahead and installed the SS clutch line, rear coilovers, vibrant exhaust gaskets, mishimoto radiator and shroud.

Regarding the fan shroud push fan modification:

just ended up bolting the shroud onto the frame. Connected both fan wires together and reversed the blades. Spliced in the OEM AC male fan connector to the mishimoto fans and the AC female connector to the engine fan harness. After modifying the connectors its practically a PNP set up.


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