Back from paint.. Time to tune!

After 3 long weeks I finally got the car back from paint. Aerocatch hood pins, NACA duct installed and 3 tone paint job on the hood. Just need to finish the tune and get all my paper work in order and she will be ready to go back on the road!!

For everyone that’s going to ask lol yes the duct is fully functional.. its pointing right at my oil cooler.

I took it apart last night and the hose was all torn up inside. pretty sure that was due to over tightening. We cut the end off and installed a new fitting. The hose held up fine at normal engine temps and on load.

Oil psi sits around 20 at idle and max 45-50 psi on load/when boosting. Still using the stock oil pump and ~5L of oil. Fuel pressure is set to 30psi at idle via external regulator. Haltech ECU voltage ~14.3 (will get a more accurate reading). Oil temp when engine is warm and daily driving with occasional boost hits ~220F max. Usually ranges between 200-220F.

We’ve come a long way in improving the tune doing it ourselves than paying a tuner. Currently researching how to hook up AEM UEGO to haltech to output ARF readings while data logging. I read that haltech outputs ARF readings as voltage numbers as oppose to actual AFR readings. it should be difficult to make the conversion between the numbers.

I was told it will show something like 14.7 AFR as 1.47V while logging.

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