Finishing up the Turbo build…

Been a long week but the installation is finally complete. Luckily she turned over after connecting power supply to the haltech ecu. I had to mess around with the intercooler piping to get my front bumper to fit with my fogs but its sitting to spec. Just need to tune it and she’ll be just right.

VF23 turbo
3″ exhaust with high flow cat
AEM UEGO wideband
Hks bov
Haltech f10 ems
440cc wrx injectors
Black front mount intercooler
Mishimoto fan
Speedhut boost,oil pressure and AF gauges are on for now

I still need to install my fuel pressure and volts gauges once the new dual pod cluster bezel arrives.

10639583_719167608137681_3631477439402191780_n10609549_719167664804342_2010032479766574167_n I had to cut and refit the IC piping to compensate my fog lamps.. Still need to do a little cleaning up before its perfect.



Old but functional Haltech F10



Final product



Major thank you to everyone that gave me advice and helped out during the install/troubleshooting process. Shout out to DOMO(TOP & Mz247) for helping me out with the build.

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