Progress update

I’ve been searching for few specific parts for my protege and I finally picked up some this weekend. 15″ Mazda 3 GX wheels for winter use and JL Audio 8W0-4 Subwoofer. Since the MSP stock kenwood subwoofer is an 8″ sub I was able to find a decent JL direct replacement.  Below are some pictures of […]

Engine Harness Swap

After hours of labeling and prepping I finally got around to changing my Mazdaspeed engine harness to a N/A non-abs/cruise control harness. It was a real pain to remove it but with the help of my friend we were able to finish the swap in 2-3 hours. The full harness extended from the engine bay […]

Manual Swap Issues…

Since the manual conversion my brake/ABS/ Check Engine lights have been constantly on. I replaced the dummy speed sensor with a manual sensor,  installed a speedo gear in the differential, and used the MSP engine harness. My speedometer isn’t working at the moment but I’m thinking all of these issues can be fixed with the […]

Finally got her back :)

After weeks of waiting and striping out the parts car, I finally got back my protege with a mazdaspeed LSD manual transmission. I got my mechanic to install a new Luk performance clutch, new speed sensor, speedo gear and few miscellaneous bits. The end result is amazing!! The car dives really smooth without any hesitation. […]

MSP Manual Transmission Conversion

After weeks of preparation, I’ve finally decided to proceed with a full Mazdaspeed manual transmission swap to my 2002 Mazda Protege. As many sports models, the Mazdaspeed Protege was a performance built car that can withstand considerate amounts of boost pressure and as a result output noticeable power. The mazdaspeed protege manual transmission is equipped with […]

Prep & Paint

I finished painting my front dash and door panels using plastic trim paint today. It was alot of work but I’m very happy with the black and beige theme. Here are some progress pics of the work I did today. I removed the two front seats to fix some rust yesterday and prepped the car […]

Long weekend interior blackout!!

Long weekend update: Encountered some rust on my seat rails while prepping the interior for paint. So I ground off the rust to bare metal and painted the rails gloss black. The plastidip/clear coat combo isn’t holding up as expected on the door handles. So I will be painting my dash and door panels flat […]