Restoration continues…

Cleaned up the rust near the welds in the engine bay.. I sanded everything down to bare metal, layered 2 base coats of Por-15 and primed over it. Once the primer settles i’ll colour match it then clear coat.

Por15 coats

Primer applied


P5 lights on the way to their original glory.

I used 600, 800, 1000, and 2000 grit sandpaper.. Still need to polish/buff them for a perfect finish

10616045_736503559737419_3642198486552867325_n 10620789_736503576404084_7772779188762028202_n 1920231_736503593070749_6636526715224263331_n

Painted all the prep’d areas in the engine bay and panels to match my Sand mica (24E) exterior colour

10394523_736696716384770_802712527801073631_n 10606359_736696689718106_665353072062657964_n

I hope this will last me many years to come

Black Protege5 light conversion is really straight forward for anyone interested in doing this conversion on their sedans..

The parts you will need for an OEM conversion are

– Full headlight harness
– Black or chrome Protege5 headlights

– Protege5 Low Beam is H7
– Protege5 High Beam is 9005

Pics of as she sits

10639564_736696669718108_67697802065747149_n 10314766_736696629718112_3974382225935882341_n

Thanks for looking

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