Back from paint.. Time to tune!

After 3 long weeks I finally got the car back from paint. Aerocatch hood pins, NACA duct installed and 3 tone paint job on the hood. Just need to finish the tune and get all my paper work in order and she will be ready to go back on the road!! For everyone that’s going […]

Plans & Projects for Summer 2015

Since the beginning of this long winter I’ve been planning and collecting parts to make the build more efficient and track ready for summer 2015. Below are some of the parts I’ve collected in the past 5 months which will be installed hopefully in the next month or so depending on weather conditions.. The main […]

Then and Now…

Redarrow Project 2002 Mazda Protege LX – 136,000 KMS Thought I’d recap all the mods i’ve done to my car so far. Still alot more to come this spring/ summer . Still alive and strong in 2015! Engine ATX-MTX conversion w/ MSP LSD HiBoost Turbo Kit IHI WRX VF23 Ball bearing turbo WRX 440cc Blue […]

Finally got her back :)

After weeks of waiting and striping out the parts car, I finally got back my protege with a mazdaspeed LSD manual transmission. I got my mechanic to install a new Luk performance clutch, new speed sensor, speedo gear and few miscellaneous bits. The end result is amazing!! The car dives really smooth without any hesitation. […]