Finally got her back :)

After weeks of waiting and striping out the parts car, I finally got back my protege with a mazdaspeed LSD manual transmission. I got my mechanic to install a new Luk performance clutch, new speed sensor, speedo gear and few miscellaneous bits. The end result is amazing!! The car dives really smooth without any hesitation.

Only issues I came across after getting the car back was that my ABS, e-brake and check engine lights are always lit on the dashboard. Also, my speedometer isn’t working but the fuel, temperature and RPM gauges are working fine. I thought the issue was because I installed an ECU from a 03 mazda protege with abs and the plugs for abs on my engine bay wiring harness are unoccupied at the moment. However, After getting a manual ECU from a protege without ABS the problem is still there.

The only solutions I was suggested from the guys at was to either add abs to my vehicle or change the engine harness to a non-abs engine harness. Hopefully this will clear all the issues going forward.

Check out the pics below of the conversion and part out process :)

IMG_00000048 IMG_00000050 IMG_00000052

MSP off to scrap :)


The final product.



Major thanks to Raj, Frank and Dom for helping me out with the project. :)

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