MSP Engine bay cover

I picked up a MSP VC and plastic engine bay cover few months ago but I haven’t had enough time to actually install it till today. The installation was fairly straight forward but the only extra step I took was cleaning and re-sealing the 2 oil catch baffles on the valve cover. Tools/Material needed for […]

Engine Harness Swap

After hours of labeling and prepping I finally got around to changing my Mazdaspeed engine harness to a N/A non-abs/cruise control harness. It was a real pain to remove it but with the help of my friend we were able to finish the swap in 2-3 hours. The full harness extended from the engine bay […]

Finally got her back :)

After weeks of waiting and striping out the parts car, I finally got back my protege with a mazdaspeed LSD manual transmission. I got my mechanic to install a new Luk performance clutch, new speed sensor, speedo gear and few miscellaneous bits. The end result is amazing!! The car dives really smooth without any hesitation. […]

MSP Manual Transmission Conversion

After weeks of preparation, I’ve finally decided to proceed with a full Mazdaspeed manual transmission swap to my 2002 Mazda Protege. As many sports models, the Mazdaspeed Protege was a performance built car that can withstand considerate amounts of boost pressure and as a result outputĀ noticeable power. The mazdaspeed protege manual transmission is equipped with […]

New parts for the pro!!

I purchased a Injen Cold Air Intake, Eibach Pro kit springs and a set of Tokico Blue Struts for the Protege. Tokico Blue Struts Eibach Pro-Kit Springs from my wonderful Girlfriend

Custom Grille?

I’veĀ been working on a homemade open mouth grill for the pro for some time now. What I ended up doing was I bought myself a broken p5 grill for 10 bucks, extended it and bent the edges in to get the open mouth look using a mesh I cut off from a dollarstore waste basket. […]