MSP Engine bay cover

I picked up a MSP VC and plastic engine bay cover few months ago but I haven’t had enough time to actually install it till today. The installation was fairly straight forward but the only extra step I took was cleaning and re-sealing the 2 oil catch baffles on the valve cover.

Tools/Material needed for installation

  1. RTV black high temp silicone adhesive
  2. 2.0L valve cover gasket
  3. Alcohol cleaner.. I used brake cleaner.
  4. 10mm socket & proffered with extension

First, I cleaned and reinstall both of the valve cover baffles scraping away any old gasket material from the vc. I used RTV silicone adhesive to ensure a proper seal.

Install the new valve cover gasket

Next, disconnect the battery terminals and prep the engine bay for disassembly

Remove all the valve cover bolts starting with the coil packs, then the two inner bolts and working your way around the vc from the near passenger side. Once you have the valve cover off the block, clean up any gasket debris and dab some RTV silicone on each edge where the cam gears sit.

Install the new valve cover with the new gasket and torque each bolt to around 6-7 ft-lbs. Reconnect all the engine bay wires you unplugged and enjoy your new engine bay. 😀


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