Mazda6 brake upgrade

Swapped out my driver side p5 rotor, pads and caliper to 04 mazda6 brakes this morning. Also picked up a new set of BB2’s 215/45/17..   Met up with Frank yesterday and painted all 4 of my calipers black. It was a bit rushed since we started really late in the evening. Here are some […]

MSP Racing Hart Wheels

My amazing gf bought me a set of racing hart wheels for my 24th birthday. 😀 Thanks nando <3   I couldn’t wait so I slapped these on to see how the car would look with new wheels. New tires, rotors, pads and a front caliper are on the way.

5 lug/ disc brake conversion!!

After a weekends worth of wrenching with the east side crew, we finally finished lowering and installing the 5 lug swap. Thanks for everyone that came out to help me with this project and special thanks to Gary and Kat for coping with me… I really appreciate the time and effort everyone put in. We […]

The Hunt for MSP Parts!

1147kms and ~17 hours of driving later, I came home from Montreal today at 1 am. I got a chance to meet CMQ member and pick up his 5 lug conversion and a new/used protege for my friend. In all the trip was pretty awesome, just the drive home was brutal since I got caught […]

Open mouth grill and swaybar progress…

Here are some recent progress pics of the open mouth grill. I just made some cuts to accommodate my sickspeed horns and get the face of the grill symmetric. I left a 1.2″ gap all around except for the 2 edges of the open mouth; 1.25″. Before: After:   Next up will be to apply […]

Mazda6 Brakes

I’m thinking of going with a set 04 mazda6 calipers, rotors n pads but looking at the pics they seem to be rusted a bit and the rotors will need to be resurfaced. The seller was good enough to send me some pictures of the parts before I made the trip to pick them up. […]

Black & Beige, Black & Beige, Black & Beige…

I blacked out most of the interior and kept the light beige trim… It was fairly simple disassembling the panels, masking the cloth trim and painting. I used plastidip + clear coat combo for this and it came out just as expected. Here are some progress pics.. Masked off the cloth & beige trim after […]