Long weekend project

Weekend projectpro to-do list: 

Test connections and any soldered wires
Test for short/ fuses 
Check EGR & Vac leaks
Coolant flush
Install amber film on fogs
Install rear msp speakers/door harnesses
Install outer tie rod ends 
Install fender liners 
Repair fog harness
Finish custom downstream o2 harness 

Started checking off somethings from my to-do list for this weekend. I did a full coolant flush today and the car feels great. Went with a premixed solution rather than struggling to do it myself.  May 2014 coolant flush completed at 126,550 kms.

old coolant was surprisingly clean.. i was expecting brownish liquid according to all the youtube videos. lol 

This was my air filter after a long winter.. its all clean now and pulling nicely.  May 2014 cone filter refresh completed at 126,550 kms.

Cleaned up some rust and painted my speaker brackets.. planning to install these with the speakers and door harness from the msp

Amber fog light film and fixed my fog harness.. DRL’s ONN! 

Painted my old steering wheel black and wrapped it with a cover.

Went to check out DWM and got my wheel bearings fixed. Apparently both of the front bearings were shot. May 2014 both front MSP wheel hub bearings replaced at 126,500 kms.

Lastly, cleaned up my engine bay a bit 

Still have a few more things to do before i call it quits for this weekend. on a side note I was able to fix my electrical issues by tightening the two harnesses that connect to the fuse box.  such a small thing can cause so many problems. 

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