Door lock problems…

My car started making grinding noises from the door panels when ever I try to lock the car. I’m not really sure how this happened since I never slam my doors hard or abuse it. I did some research and I have a big feeling its the white plastic gear that’s broken in the actuator……1&d=1225768045

Here’s a video of the noise it makes when I try to lock/unlock the doors. oh and all the other door locks aren’t responding when I press the key forb or manually press the switch on the door…

Seems like the door lock actuator will need to be replaced. I had a full power window and mirror parts kit shipped from Quebec.¬†Hopefully I’ll have the swap done by this weekend. I went to Mazda and picked up an exhaust gasket for my msp muffler. I’ve been soaking the axelback bolt on section in molasses/water mix for a week now and the rust is literally dripping off the exhaust. I scrubbed it off with a wire brush and set it back in the mixture till this weekend. Ill get some pics of it to give you an idea of before n after the treatment. If anyone’s interested its a great technique to remove rust off of old parts.

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