VF23 HiBoost turbo build begins!!!

I’ve been contemplating on this project for a while and finally pulled the trigger on a HiBoost Turbo kit for my Mazda Protege LX. Since I purchased the very base model in Jan 2012, I’ve been modifying/upgrading and preforming attentive maintenance to expand the life span of my first car.

It’s been a long time coming but its finally time to add some noticeable power into my little Mazda.

HiBoost kit is made using a Subaru VF23 Turbo along with the piggyback ECU integration of the Haltech F10X. This kit also includes a 3″ turbo back exhaust, HKS BOV, Intercooler and braided stainless steel oil feed lines.

VF23 Turbo


Along with the kits well quipped parts I’ve decided to add SpeedHut’s Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Boost, Air/Fuel Ratio and Voltage gauges to closely monitor the vitals of my vehicle during future turbo charged life cycle.

Moving forward to the progress of my build so far.

– Painted exposed block/head flat black

black engine block
– Installed new oil pan with oil return

oil pan-return

– Removed old exhaust and very noticeable difference between the new 3″ High Flow exhaust yet to be install

new vs old3 new vs old

– Mishimoto fan installed with adapted OEM plug fitting

pull fan
– Corksport 3rd link, bushings, poly bushings and bronze oil bushings installed


Shifter linkage

11 10 8

– Most importantly the VF23 turbo, manifold and S-Pipe bolted on and ready for piping.


 Major thank you to Domo(Mz247 & Toprotege.com) for helping me out with the build. 

More updates to come in the near future. Stay tuned!!!

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