Mazda Of the Month – Best Turbocharged Mazda – Mazdas247 March 2015

Truly honored to have placed first on the Mazda of the Month ‪(‎MOTM‬) competition hosted by ‪Mazdas247‬ for the best turbocharged Mazda. Mazda of the Month March 2015. Major thank you to Antoine, Mazda community and everyone who supported!…he-Month-March Jp 2002 Mazda Protege LX Engine ATX-MTX conversion w/ MSP LSD HiBoost Turbo Kit IHI […]

Shifter bushings and linkage

I purchased CorkSport’s shifter, bronze oil and polyurethane bushings for my 2002 Mazda Protege since my shifter was refusing to go into 1st gear. Started by removing the solid rubber bushing on the shifter linkage on the transmission side. Which requires a 14mm deep socket to remove the nut and push out the metal insert […]