Front Brakes

I decided to change my front 04 Mazda6 rotors out with new OEM rotors supplied by Avante Mazda in Richmond Hill at 120k KMS on the clock. The old set of rotors made a grinding sound every time I took a turn at low speeds or reversed my car.

I made sure to re-lubricate and apply anti-seize on my calipers to avoid any issues in the future.  Since my wheels were off I also swapped out my front fender liners with the correct MSP/P5 liners to compensate for the front end conversion. I found a surprising amount of dirt/mud wedged in my inner fender wells…

Inner fender well by the side skirts.. There’s a little amount of rust surfacing from the inner panels but I wasn’t able to address them properly in this winter. Once spring comes, I will clean, grind, primer and paint any rust spots within the inner body panels. I have to keep this gem clean in and out 😀

All the gunk that inhabited within my fenders…



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